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Yes, this is the official website of Intense Indigo. If you think that someone is pirating, reselling my content, or impersonating me elsewhere, please let me know via email.

I often post one or more short(s) per day, and I typically publish one longer video per week. Around once a month, I’m also open to doing on-demand scenes for my top subscribers.

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You can point out any issues regarding my site by contacting me here.

All my content is privy to download protection, meaning that it cannot be downloaded — only streamed from the website. You can stream the content at any time and from any device, though, as long as you’re properly logged in.

Most of the time, playback problems are a consequence of a slow internet connection or misplaced traffic. To access the site at full capacity, make sure that you don’t have any active downloads, untended browser tabs, or that you aren’t using a shared or public network. If that fails, I suggest restarting your machine or trying a different browser.

Just scroll to the bottom of any page on the site, click on Support, enter your email, describe your issue, and click Submit. You’ll hear back from me and my team as soon as possible.